Battlefield 4 – Consoles (Xbox360,PS3)



Well there’s no beating around this bush … Or blowing it up in BF4’s case as this game has simply not impressed me at all.  (And I am the guy who is quite happy all day with hitting the goal posts at soccer never mind scoring!)

What did I expect ?

Like all new AAA titles the hype from the get go is frantic and constant. Bigger Bolder and Better , Making you desperate to spend your scrimperd penny’s on the new must have game. Multiplayer ! Maps!  Guns, Bangs and Boooms !

So with this in mind for a game I expected ..

Great gameplay.  Good solid story . Brilliant Graphics , Replay Value ,  Easy Controls.  Simple UI / Menu systems , Well thought maps ,  and the forgotten enjoyment.

Gameplay; For me personally I don’t like the gameplay, Especially online. I don’t think there is a good combination of movement and shooting. And before people go APE shit and say ” its supposed to be realistic” I feel its a bit rough playing it just doesn’t have the same free flowing effect that the Call of Duty Franchise have which is a shame. As for online I kind of hate the gameplay. There are certain times where you can feel absent from playing the game as it can be quite broad.  I also think that the mechanics for the weapons are wrong for example using a sniper rifle to the head and they pistol whip you..  dignity !

Story;  To start with – I like this new driven ideology of having story’s created by Game Devs and writers by making more countries have hatred for USA to be enemies with.  Is it a telling for the future ?. Its cool though our Cousins from across the water (USA) always kick ass! . So in a round about way am saying I am glad were moving away from , Nazis and Russians …. Poor Sergie ! . But The story just didn’t grip me and I never felt excited or sympathetic  towards any characters or actions made.

Graphics; First and forth most I will state that if you have a high end gaming laptop or PC or reading this after the next generating consoles PS4, Xbox one Then Simply ignore.  But as The title suggests I played this on the current consoles. During the Campaign I thought the graphics were quite good, The models well made , character rigging was well delivered , the games environment and world setting had nice visuals and look to them. But I felt the online let it down . Maybe this is due to server issues so I wont be to critical but the game ways a little glitchy but none of the funny kind or the kind that helps you .. they never help you !. Also I feel the shader that is used gives an off -colour which I don’ find realistic or nice to look. Some of the textures used within the game for certain items usually small insignificant items were badly sized and can see little pixel fragments but that’s not a big deal.

User interface & Menu systems; The Gameplay/user interface while playing the game is very simple and easy to follow , you know where everything is on display which is what wee all want ! . The part where I feel the game lets you down is when your playing the game and you which to change your class , gun or find out statistics. I find this a bit messy and not user friendly there’s to much on screen and I feel they could make it alot more simpler to use.  Also I think you should be able to do your customisation at the end of every match without  having to back out .

Easy Controls;  Straight to the point . The vehicle controls within this game are horrendous ! – I killed my self about 9 times with the helicopter before I fired a shot. So aye / yeah if you want to be good at driving your going to have to train yourself so I heavily suggest  using there feature of test range. As for player movement its what you expect its of a alrite quality with diving to cover or over cover but there is a loss of fluency I feel when then running and shooting .

Well thought maps;  Its a tough one to speak of because like most maps there are good parts and bad parts. The Campaign maps are good so there’s that . But the Online maps are Mostly good and have good parts but there are some areas which I think look abit rushed and things were just dropped down and left ( sack it that’ll do )

Replay Value and enjoyment;  Well firstly I have made my mind up , This is the 4th Battlefield I have played and not enjoyed the multilayer with any of them and I know its easy to see that with my tone but I really want to like this game but I am getting fed up of trying. That’s the thing with game you shouldn’t have to make yourself like it . Like art or a great movie you either like it or you don’t. for me there best game was the first bad company.  I get to frustrated at this game and annoyed to sit and enjoy it . like I tried to totally destroy a building but it wouldn’t let me – Major disappointment as I need the office space.

So in a small summery I as in me didn’t like this game its just my opinion but I wouldn’t  recommend this game.

The game has a better feel to it on High end PCs and gaming laptops so if you were to buy it I suggest doing so on these platforms or wait to se what its like on the next generation.

Or you can buy COD.

Thanks for reading it’s just my opinion on a rainy day in Scotland  not to be helped with me having to scrape the ice off my car in between breaks of reviewing this game. please check theses out , like and comment

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