Call of Duty Ghosts (Xbox one/PS4)



The new franchise launch of Ghosts comes with more hype and expectations than the last few releases as this is amongst the Launch titles for the New Generation’s. And for DNA Game Reviews it hasn’t failed to impress. It’s always a must buy at Christmas and this one’s no different.

The Call of Duty’s story modes can be compared to the safety lighters that come with fireworks. We have all herd of it. We all know the jist of it.  And it’s put to the side with the box and the wrappings never to be seen again.  They know this and we know this that’s why there story/campaign mode struggles to last 4/5 hours which to be fair is the trend for AAA titles these days.

The Story in Ghosts has a new enemy which is known as the federation and they are the alliance of South American countries.  The change in “bad guys” is a welcome scene from it being Russians and the newly emerging / future predicting / tarot card readings that the Chinese will rise and take control of the world. I have no idea why they have picked the amigo’s to mess with but at least it’s different.

But this isn’t like the last few franchise releases where America is doomed and struggling and you’re just holding off waiting for the game changer. Instead Ghosts gives the setting that the federation has taken a good whack at America and controls the southern states but it’s a stalemate and each holds their own.

But for once you don’t feel that it’s all doom and gloom and in this story they give off a real feel of it being more personal than an all-out war. The personal aspect comes from the main settings within the game. You begin the game as 1 of two sons of an army lieutenant who tells the tale of the infamous ghosts who made a final stand against the great enemy. It’s not exactly a spoiler but as you can guess from the title you pretty much end up as a ghost with your brother. So the main story is fighting the Federation taking control and taking out facility’s to change the tide of the war and the side story is the infamous ghost are being hunted. I won’t go in to any other details but the game also has a dog called “Reilly”. You can’t get any more personal than saving your dog. “I nearly broke my controller saving this dog“. You can control Reilly with in mission’s which is a nice touch.

The game play within this game is great.  Ghosts has the nice free flowing movement as you would expect in this game along with the fluent feel as you run jump and gun.  They have adopted two features from Battlefield which is the ability to shoot round a corner/cover and have fixed there jumping over obstacles so it looks more effortless and more of a hop-over. You can jump in and play for any length of time. Also there are a few missions in space and underwater and I am really surprised they made them feel so different and great to play as well! And as for the controls it’s the same as before. The bench mark for FPS and after an hour you’re a pro.

The graphics within the franchise are always solid and have a good standard. This combined with the new gens makes the game more appealing than ever. From character faces to debris all the little touches are significant and stand out. As for the map layouts I still maintain that the Call of Duty maps are the best maps you will ever encounter wither its online or in a story mode. Just walk around and check out things. “Safety first”  … “Try not getting killed” and you will see what I mean. There maps have a great layout, style and are executed fantastically.  They seem like real places where something bad has happened than opposed to having the same model placed here there and everywhere.

The GUI’s and Menus are very easy to follow and look at. The big thing for me is not to have it complicated or too many shiny things while changing class and call of duty has always kept this simple.

Their New Features. One thing I will have a rumble about is there new online Squad member feature. You now level up squad members if you choose so and give them a specialized class for example spec ops. This gives them perks tailored to their suitability even if before you are the required level. All members are levelled up individually and guns / equipment are bought via coins. The good part is if you like to customise then there is a chance but you have to unlock all of the things like helmets, uniforms etc.  The bad part you have to pick you squad member you play as before finding a match which is a  pain if he’s a spec ops so is stealthy and you need an ass kicking assault dude. But this is my opinion it’s a good twist but I would like to switch member rather than backing out to do so. The other new feature is the new Extinction. Play against rolling and raving aliens wave after wave taking down there nests. This Gets pretty intense after a while and has its own levelling up system to tailor your “shoot it in the head” needs.  They have also made bot matches much better and against all kinds of map modes from hardcore domination to the new modes like blitz.

This game has major replay value and I recommend that you grab a copy , grab a controller , grab a head set and grab a beer and play . please check theses out , like and comment

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