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The ElderScrolls Online Beta


The first Two questions that hangs deadly above this game and surrounds it with mystery are.

1) Is it like Skyrim ?

2) Is it worth Paying for the game then a subscription?

The first question is an easy one as its not like Skyrim. But the second question is a little more difficult.

I was sitting playing ESO “additively” for around 8 hours on the Friday beta test opening.  And every little thing I compared to Skyrim within the game.

The game lets you pick which faction you wish to join and what race you want to be within that faction. And rather boringly and stubbornly I picked a “Nord” and made him part of the “Ebonheart pact”. And as a class I picked the “Templar” (by mistake) This gives your character an ability to fight well but also dwells in some magic ability’s such as fire and healing. Ended up a great mistake I like this class!.

The faction lists  are :

  • The Ebonheart Pact which has the  Nords, Dunmer, and Argonians from the Northern and Eastern regions.
  • The Aldmeri Dominion consists of the Altmer, Bosmer, and Khajiit from the South and South West regions.
  • The Daggerfall Covenant group is the Bretons, Redguards, and Orcs from the North West regions.

Each race has there own ability’s and speciality’s and also dependant on which class you choose it can make for a really interesting choice or a difficult decision. thank god there’s up to 8 character slots available. this explains alot of the characters creation and the classes.

Also when you join factions like the “fighters Guild” you can then get skill points in-which to gain ability’s from that faction.

But I wont dwell on that stuff there’s bountiful content on you tube , blogs and websites for that.  I want to tell yous my honest opinion and hope it helps you’s make your decision.


What ESO is like in my eyes.

I would say its very much like word of war craft. There is loads of content in the sense of quests and enemy’s  and it seems to have a freakishly addictive nature to the game. Always saying to yourself ” I’ll Finnish this quest” ,  ” Just after I level up I’ll stop”.  You don’t ,  you continue on playing!.

What I like about the game is the vast amount of quests and the fact you can go on these quests with your friends. Games are more fun playing with your friends there’s no doubting that. Its not about making it easier its about sharing all those adventures with your fellow Amigos.

I also like the fact that you don’t feel over powered in the game. Your no longer the mighty dragon born your just a slightly better commoner within this game. It means that when your fighting enemy’s at your level or slightly above your never just always in total control there is always that “what if” moment. Thats why when playing with a group or a friend makes it more rewarding when you do kill the bad guy or when you level up by fighting you feel like you have earned it. Rather than dragon shouting an opponent on fire by calling a dragon to aid you in battle as  you use your  duel over enchanted  two handed battle axe which destroys and knocks a wolf into oblivion… “or use the exploding chickens mod”

The restricted way in-which you level up is good as well it means you have to actual pick what you want to be and what your aim is with your character. pre define what paths your willing to make. Don’t get me wrong if you haven’t researched the game its quite daunting what to selected when levelling up so its always worth having a look online.

Its also alot harder to make things within the game.  The perfect example is being a blacksmith and making swords . In skyrim this is done easily buy acquiring or buying ore / or ingots and then making daggers or whatever to level up and its safe to say its done quickly . But in ESO you cant buy ore , ingots or level up quickly. You have to look for small deposits I.E iron is a small brown rock. when you acquire / harvest the iron you get 3 ores and then the brown rock vanishes.  This will disappear from everyone within the game for a while and wont spawn back for a few minutes so it can be very frustrating. You must have 10 ores afore you can smelt it down into iron ingots before making items and you also must buy your races smiting element which for the Nords is “corrudium” which you obtain from the blacksmith. The weapons/armour you make can be then de-constructed and you might get some of its elements back or you might not but this also puts up your blacksmithing skill which is hard to budge up.

This is the same for the cloth making (killing animals) and the woodwork’s( small falling over logs).

The enchanting within the game is also very different from Skyrim. you have to collect 3 different types of runes and combine them to get an enchantment. Most of these runes are placed at random throughout the region and the combinations give out different results which can be frustrating to say the least. But they need to make it harder so not every person will be  master at making all things.


What I don’t like within the game are things that’s good about Skyrim. Like being able to walk around and look and pick up everything (being a hoarder), there’s not a lot of content you can pick up or look in and when you do its always the same crap. Its pretty pointless looking through things like urns , if you want cash just do quests.

I also think there is no uniqueness to you character. I love being different even if its just a hide armour but they have 10 different versions of it I would be happy. You can unlock rewards by doing quests and gaining armour and things but in my opinion they look quite generic. The same apply’s with the weapons I always had a mod in skyrim for more weapons and clothings and magic.

And lastly I’ll be honest I am disappointed in the graphics. It looks like world of Warcraft and feels like it to. Jumping from Skyrim ( specially with mod enhancers) feels like a step down. The graphics are ok but just compared to skyrim there not that good but its nothing to be concerned about after all I forgot about it !


I would say its worth buying if. You like a challenge (have free time) like being part of a team and don’t mind the fee which I don’t personally agree with but there’s plenty to play in this game and does keep you griped.

Don’t buy if your poor and don’t have the money or also If you like to power through games and level up quickly. And if your easily frustrated I extremely advise not to buy because it does get like that.

well I hope yous gained a little insight and I have helped with you opinions/thoughts.

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