The crying out for a new game for the next gen as got to the point our throats are strained and sore.  There has been a few but nothing that takes the bull by its horns and really engages you.

Destiny steamrolled out onto the market with swagger , attitude and a hefty punch!.  It has set a tone for a new genre of multiplayer and aims to compete with the elite.

For those who haven’t seen Gameplay or have heard anything about Destiny and have no idea of what it is or what it’s about I say it’s a combination of good FPS with Halo like influence throughout which is likely as it’s a bungie product . The wacky Halo grips people with the aliens and the settings but with a much better balance like a good FPS . But there is also relevance and familiarity with the likes of Star Wars , Star ship troopers and also Mass Effect. And if you play the game you’ll see what I mean.

Pretty much resemblance to every major sc-fi film and or game.

I think it’s a great game and the first of its kind.  The game has massive replay value and when it comes to doing the “grind” you don’t mind or even notice at all. The game is never-ending and there is always something for you to do!.



The story within this game can get a little confusing at first and I will be honest I never fully understood it, but I was way to busy blasting  and punching aliens to care.

When humans landed on mars they found the big sphere and it was called the traveler.  This sparked a golden age which meant humans could live longer and learned new technology quicker. And with help from the traveler and spread across the planets and moons. Then a mass of darkness came and started to wipe out everything that humans and the traveler had achieved. The darkness was looking to consume the light aka which is the (traveler) and after a battle all was lost but one earth city with the traveler broken. As the game begins you  learn of story through-out missions but your overall objective is to drive back the darkness.  You are accompanied by a little flying AI called Ghost and he helps you along the missions. You will no doubt question if he’s your trusty sidekick or if your his sidekick but with a gun ?.


Man has always longed after the great age-old question “Are we alone in the universe ?”.  We’ll Destiny’s answer is no were not! there’s a lot of things out there,  and non of which likes one another!. There are loads of enemies within this game with different groups and species’ within each group. And every planet or moon that you go to you’ll be sure to find them shooting each other up showing you that the universe is a very vast racist and imperialist place,  not to mention dangerous !.

As mentioned before there is massive replay value within this game. If you wish to just roam a world like you can in “patrol” then you can freely explore doing random missions in each location on that planet or just go out collecting loot and special materials which are needed for upgrading your characters Armour and guns. Also just do XP grinding by going out and killing everything , the enemies will spawn back after a certain time and sometimes get brought in by space ships ! which a nice touch.

The game has countless missions to do both story and generated. There is also other game modes called strike and raid which are more intense , hard and take lot of concentration and must be performed with a full fire team of 3 people.

The game has 3 classes to choose from . Warlock , Hunter and Titan and all have different ability’s and styles. The Titan which I played through the story with is strong , hardy and deals a lethal punch. He like the other classes has two special ability’s as well. Defender which is a shield like perk that you deploy and gain special attributes  and Strike where you do a big lethal “fists of havoc” which punch the ground and give off and aftershock. You can alter between the two if you have reached level 15.

The gameplay also consists of the “Halo jumping” which I call it but it’s actually a lot better than that. Its gives the ability to be able to reach high distances and jump out the way in the form of a jet-pack like gear. So after a while of getting used to using the jump and the shooting you will feel the good balance it brings as Destiny can be quiet a challenge and demanding game when it comes to bosses or even crowded groups of enemies . The AI’s can run a mock at times and their boss versions of them can be hard to handle but brings a good balance like I said before once you level up and start upgrading things you may be overpowered but they combat against that by sheer numbers and the trickery of the AI and enemy type creates a good mixture.

The characters stop at level 20 but the game play doesn’t. There is armor with “light” which can be upgraded to push your level past 20. This is achieved by doing harder missions and bounties. There is also small factions to choose from once at level 20. You begin the game as a vanguard and you level that up to earn the right to buy better weapons and armor or even a better ship or sparrow ( hover bike). At level 20 you can buy a special band from one of the other factions and that means that any missions or bounties you do will level that faction rating for you up. It’s mostly differences in styles for each faction.

The whole game is multiplayer but for PvP there is a set aside place for that called the crucible.  But like this  game and many other out there it takes a while to get used to and into but after a while it becomes fun and enjoyable.


Games look

The overall graphics for this game are great. Also the amount of detail in each and every planet are fantastic which shows real commitment that was putting into designing this game. For example when on the moon or on mars your pretty much have that thought inside your head of “this is what it would be like” I often found my self gazing from the moon to the earth which is a pretty amazing surreal thing . and you can also spot mars in the distance!.

The characters has a very simple but distinctive look , and also the new armor you find have nice slight changes in their look also to give a little distinction. The same goes for the weapons you find or buy they’ll have little changes to make each model/make unique.

But for me the best feature of this game is the nice clean simple look it gives out in its Menu , UI  and GUI . All  of which have good subtle colours and nicely layed out.


Little summary

I would highly recommend this game to anyone that’s on the fence as its one of the few worth the money! and will no doubt take the other platforms by storm once it reaches them as it’s a great co-op game.

Thanks for reading hope it helps !  (For more on my UWS and Game Dev blog)

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