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Alien: isolation



Nostalgia, Nostalgia, Nostalgia !

This what I repeat inside my head continuously whilst creeping around the space stations eery corridors. (And even this its just whisper!)

Because if I say it allowed there is no doubt I’ll get ripped apart by making too much noise from either the Alien or The stations many hostile party’s.

Reasons don’t matter , the only thing that does matter is Survival..” – Ricky Steven ( After playing the game for 5 minutes.)

I had to keep the faith with this game , as the last Alien game was a wreck. I love the Alien franchise as I grew up watching the movies and playing the games through-out  the old consoles. This one is the best by far in my opinion and reminds me of the Alien: Resurrection game for the PlayStation 1  . Which at the time was very scary and gave you a drive to complete it due to its challenging nature like the games past did the time!.

Story and Setting

The game setting’s takes place after the events of the first Alien movie which I suggest watching first then playing to capture what the atmosphere would be like. I personally watched the box set but then again I love the movies.

You are Amanda Ripley , Ellen Ripley’s daughter who is the main character through-out the movies and games. The Nostromos flight recorder was picked up and held at a space station called “Sevastapol” – (Pretty sure this is a Ukrainian city).

The Nostromos was Ellen Ripley’s ship and as “Amanda” also works for the notorious “Weyland Yutani corporation”  the opportunity is passed to her to go pick up the flight recorder and piece together what happened to her mother and the ship. Everything else I will leave to yous to find out. Mostly because I spend most my time running away and screaming rather than listing to whats happening!. But also because I encourage people to go out and buy this game it’s a classic in the making.


Level design and Atmosphere

The game’s levels , looks and feels are what the people in the 70’s interpretation of what the future would be like. For an Alien fan I really think they have nailed the look and feel for the game. If I had to imagine the Alien universe and how they would make ships and stations look this is pretty much it. In most games you can tell where they have regurgitated the same things over and over with a slight difference where as in this just great from the outright.

The levels are mostly very tight corridors that are either barley lit or have flickering lights as the stations power has been cut off and requires sub-stations to be tuned on in each area. Even something simple like opening a door  , using a console or a tool to0 unlock a area has suspense as it takes a few seconds to do so. There is an evidence of a panic has broke out through-out the station also. There is debree lying everywhere , broken doors , bashed in systems and vents. Water dripping from burst pipes and fire not to mention sparks of electricity which may be the only source of light if you have ran out of flares and battery’s!.

The horror survivor side of the game is really gripping. I for once would say this is the most scariest game I’ve played. Every spark , every flickering light and every creek you don’t even feel aware you feel lost and clueless with fear . Knowing that at any moment if you make too much noise or even flash a light in the wrong distraction it could alert the Alien or attract a hostile is really intense. You also have to craft items for your self to help fight back or to be more accurate help you run away!.

The Alien can be herd running over head , or when your in a shaft/ vent you can hear it in the next room or passing by. You can hear it breathe and hear it make its huff sound as it try’s to sniff you out. The Alien’s size can be undermined at times in the past but this Alien is HUGE and has to be feared. the game does have some scripted events but most of the time it isn’t. you could play easily for 5 – 10 minis and then wham ! you get dragged away.

The games noises and music add deep chilling effects like any great thriller movie you have seen. They create a sense of panic and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!. This does this at any point through the game not just at the intended parts that you would think.

So when you take all of that and combine it for instance.. A very eery room with a swinging light, which just illuminates the room slightly due to its sparks then the thrilling horrible music kicks in that creates suspense . Then you hear the thumping sound of something moving and your tracker goes wild . The movement is rapid and swift and by the time you home in on it RARR its a cat ! .. well not really you’ll be dead via a hole in the head or punctured chest.




Now this I have to say takes a bit to get used to. The sensitivity of the looking to running can be a little juddery and I had to turn it way down as it didn’t feel natural. But after a while you get used to it and makes the game that slightly more difficult. The way you craft items is also annoying and they really should have made it more simpler but like I said it’s probably is meant to be like this to make it harder. Through out the game you are required to open doors via a maintenance jack , plasma torch and also the computer side of things with codes and such . They require either a sequence of buttons to perform or some tricky fiddling. Sneaking via crouching will be how to play this game as if you run it will create too much noise.

 I played this for the PS4 and if the PS4 camera is available to you then it can be used to enhance your game via your movements or even background noise you create. I tried this with the DLC “expendable crew” which takes place on the “Nostromo” and by god I paid for it big time as I died because I sneezed too loudly and got ripped out of an air duct. 

The game is truly going to be a classic and I would recommend playing after watching the Alien movie , play at night and with good headphones.

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