Far Cry 4

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lets kick it off to say a big well done to Far Cry . For those who remember the first , the second – which nearly killed the franchise . They have came a long way.

I will now look forward to future projects they do as you know what your going to get , hopefully you’ll see what I mean.

Far Cry have a way of putting almost humours twists on serious things .. like setting a camp on fire you would normally feel bad by doing this but in Far Cry you laugh … or is that just me ?

The main story and objective in short is for you to help rebels overcome a dictator of whom has connections with you from your past in the nation of Kyrat. There is an element of choice of which rebel leader you help and that determines what missions you can do.

Lets start off with the Good section.

The graphics in the game are of what you would expect at least from a Next Gens consoles point of view. But the world they have created has some pretty specular views. the range from snowy misty mountains to rolling plains where lots of animals are found.

The enemies are of plenty in Far Cry. If its not different types of  Military Men trying to kill you be sure it will be the wild life . Each unit gives certain challenges , some charge at you , others have heavy armour and weapons and they even introduced a new “hunter” enemy’s who are fast , deadly with a bow and can set animals on you.
The Hunting in this game is almost like the main aspect with the story being second fiddle , but its something I enjoyed. There are many animals within the game and all have different locations to be found across Kyrat. Bears , Yak’s , wolves rhinos and the tenacious honey badger are just to name a few. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xap0if0UalA

The Crafting system ties hand and hand with the hunting , and for the syringes (powers, ability’s  and health) with the skills menu. You craft set items by killing animals and skinning them , an example would be to increase the amount of arrows you carry you have to kill 3 pigs. If you use a bow or your knife to kill the animal its considered a clean kill and you get double skins ,  unlike using  grenade to kill them but that’s more fun…  For syringes , once unlocked you find plants for the effects you need like green plants for health.
The exploration in this game is on a big scale. The world is big , ridged and beautiful and there are many ways to get around Kyrat like cars , quads , boats , gyrocopter (awesome) and obviously an elephant… There are also certain ledges that you have to use your grapple to overcome which is a fun aspect of the game as well as using your very own wing suit .

There is a slight  element  of kill moves or known in the game as take downs. Very much the same as Far Cry 3 where you can take down enemeys from , overhead , cover , behind and underneath. The array of weapons which you unlock after missions give you choice in the destruction department.

There are never ending things to do in this game. Theres the main story , hunting , racing , side quest after side quest after side quest .. and not to mention some aspects of co-op and pvp multplayer where you can create your own maps.

Now for the bad

Far Cry® 4_20141120220433

Theres not much to say here … but the driving system is very .. very awkward but the argument being you can use the auto-drive system , which when used will drive to either the maker or mission available. Also you can shoot and drive , or even drive and do take downs so its really just me admitting I cant drive !

And if I were to through out to other bad points then it would be the AI is a little dumb but you don’t really take much notice and the game has glitches but there very funny and amusing .

So to wrap it up guys , it would be on my top list for getting a game this Christmas as its full of fun and rewards , ive tried not to give to much away as its best when you discover things on your own.

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