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Far Cry 4

Far Cry® 4_20141120203037


lets kick it off to say a big well done to Far Cry . For those who remember the first , the second – which nearly killed the franchise . They have came a long way.

I will now look forward to future projects they do as you know what your going to get , hopefully you’ll see what I mean.

Far Cry have a way of putting almost humours twists on serious things .. like setting a camp on fire you would normally feel bad by doing this but in Far Cry you laugh … or is that just me ?

The main story and objective in short is for you to help rebels overcome a dictator of whom has connections with you from your past in the nation of Kyrat. There is an element of choice of which rebel leader you help and that determines what missions you can do.

Lets start off with the Good section.

The graphics in the game are of what you would expect at least from a Next Gens consoles point of view. But the world they have created has some pretty specular views. the range from snowy misty mountains to rolling plains where lots of animals are found.

The enemies are of plenty in Far Cry. If its not different types of  Military Men trying to kill you be sure it will be the wild life . Each unit gives certain challenges , some charge at you , others have heavy armour and weapons and they even introduced a new “hunter” enemy’s who are fast , deadly with a bow and can set animals on you.
The Hunting in this game is almost like the main aspect with the story being second fiddle , but its something I enjoyed. There are many animals within the game and all have different locations to be found across Kyrat. Bears , Yak’s , wolves rhinos and the tenacious honey badger are just to name a few.

The Crafting system ties hand and hand with the hunting , and for the syringes (powers, ability’s  and health) with the skills menu. You craft set items by killing animals and skinning them , an example would be to increase the amount of arrows you carry you have to kill 3 pigs. If you use a bow or your knife to kill the animal its considered a clean kill and you get double skins ,  unlike using  grenade to kill them but that’s more fun…  For syringes , once unlocked you find plants for the effects you need like green plants for health.
The exploration in this game is on a big scale. The world is big , ridged and beautiful and there are many ways to get around Kyrat like cars , quads , boats , gyrocopter (awesome) and obviously an elephant… There are also certain ledges that you have to use your grapple to overcome which is a fun aspect of the game as well as using your very own wing suit .

There is a slight  element  of kill moves or known in the game as take downs. Very much the same as Far Cry 3 where you can take down enemeys from , overhead , cover , behind and underneath. The array of weapons which you unlock after missions give you choice in the destruction department.

There are never ending things to do in this game. Theres the main story , hunting , racing , side quest after side quest after side quest .. and not to mention some aspects of co-op and pvp multplayer where you can create your own maps.

Now for the bad

Far Cry® 4_20141120220433

Theres not much to say here … but the driving system is very .. very awkward but the argument being you can use the auto-drive system , which when used will drive to either the maker or mission available. Also you can shoot and drive , or even drive and do take downs so its really just me admitting I cant drive !

And if I were to through out to other bad points then it would be the AI is a little dumb but you don’t really take much notice and the game has glitches but there very funny and amusing .

So to wrap it up guys , it would be on my top list for getting a game this Christmas as its full of fun and rewards , ive tried not to give to much away as its best when you discover things on your own.

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Alien: isolation



Nostalgia, Nostalgia, Nostalgia !

This what I repeat inside my head continuously whilst creeping around the space stations eery corridors. (And even this its just whisper!)

Because if I say it allowed there is no doubt I’ll get ripped apart by making too much noise from either the Alien or The stations many hostile party’s.

Reasons don’t matter , the only thing that does matter is Survival..” – Ricky Steven ( After playing the game for 5 minutes.)

I had to keep the faith with this game , as the last Alien game was a wreck. I love the Alien franchise as I grew up watching the movies and playing the games through-out  the old consoles. This one is the best by far in my opinion and reminds me of the Alien: Resurrection game for the PlayStation 1  . Which at the time was very scary and gave you a drive to complete it due to its challenging nature like the games past did the time!.

Story and Setting

The game setting’s takes place after the events of the first Alien movie which I suggest watching first then playing to capture what the atmosphere would be like. I personally watched the box set but then again I love the movies.

You are Amanda Ripley , Ellen Ripley’s daughter who is the main character through-out the movies and games. The Nostromos flight recorder was picked up and held at a space station called “Sevastapol” – (Pretty sure this is a Ukrainian city).

The Nostromos was Ellen Ripley’s ship and as “Amanda” also works for the notorious “Weyland Yutani corporation”  the opportunity is passed to her to go pick up the flight recorder and piece together what happened to her mother and the ship. Everything else I will leave to yous to find out. Mostly because I spend most my time running away and screaming rather than listing to whats happening!. But also because I encourage people to go out and buy this game it’s a classic in the making.


Level design and Atmosphere

The game’s levels , looks and feels are what the people in the 70’s interpretation of what the future would be like. For an Alien fan I really think they have nailed the look and feel for the game. If I had to imagine the Alien universe and how they would make ships and stations look this is pretty much it. In most games you can tell where they have regurgitated the same things over and over with a slight difference where as in this just great from the outright.

The levels are mostly very tight corridors that are either barley lit or have flickering lights as the stations power has been cut off and requires sub-stations to be tuned on in each area. Even something simple like opening a door  , using a console or a tool to0 unlock a area has suspense as it takes a few seconds to do so. There is an evidence of a panic has broke out through-out the station also. There is debree lying everywhere , broken doors , bashed in systems and vents. Water dripping from burst pipes and fire not to mention sparks of electricity which may be the only source of light if you have ran out of flares and battery’s!.

The horror survivor side of the game is really gripping. I for once would say this is the most scariest game I’ve played. Every spark , every flickering light and every creek you don’t even feel aware you feel lost and clueless with fear . Knowing that at any moment if you make too much noise or even flash a light in the wrong distraction it could alert the Alien or attract a hostile is really intense. You also have to craft items for your self to help fight back or to be more accurate help you run away!.

The Alien can be herd running over head , or when your in a shaft/ vent you can hear it in the next room or passing by. You can hear it breathe and hear it make its huff sound as it try’s to sniff you out. The Alien’s size can be undermined at times in the past but this Alien is HUGE and has to be feared. the game does have some scripted events but most of the time it isn’t. you could play easily for 5 – 10 minis and then wham ! you get dragged away.

The games noises and music add deep chilling effects like any great thriller movie you have seen. They create a sense of panic and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!. This does this at any point through the game not just at the intended parts that you would think.

So when you take all of that and combine it for instance.. A very eery room with a swinging light, which just illuminates the room slightly due to its sparks then the thrilling horrible music kicks in that creates suspense . Then you hear the thumping sound of something moving and your tracker goes wild . The movement is rapid and swift and by the time you home in on it RARR its a cat ! .. well not really you’ll be dead via a hole in the head or punctured chest.




Now this I have to say takes a bit to get used to. The sensitivity of the looking to running can be a little juddery and I had to turn it way down as it didn’t feel natural. But after a while you get used to it and makes the game that slightly more difficult. The way you craft items is also annoying and they really should have made it more simpler but like I said it’s probably is meant to be like this to make it harder. Through out the game you are required to open doors via a maintenance jack , plasma torch and also the computer side of things with codes and such . They require either a sequence of buttons to perform or some tricky fiddling. Sneaking via crouching will be how to play this game as if you run it will create too much noise.

 I played this for the PS4 and if the PS4 camera is available to you then it can be used to enhance your game via your movements or even background noise you create. I tried this with the DLC “expendable crew” which takes place on the “Nostromo” and by god I paid for it big time as I died because I sneezed too loudly and got ripped out of an air duct. 

The game is truly going to be a classic and I would recommend playing after watching the Alien movie , play at night and with good headphones.

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The crying out for a new game for the next gen as got to the point our throats are strained and sore.  There has been a few but nothing that takes the bull by its horns and really engages you.

Destiny steamrolled out onto the market with swagger , attitude and a hefty punch!.  It has set a tone for a new genre of multiplayer and aims to compete with the elite.

For those who haven’t seen Gameplay or have heard anything about Destiny and have no idea of what it is or what it’s about I say it’s a combination of good FPS with Halo like influence throughout which is likely as it’s a bungie product . The wacky Halo grips people with the aliens and the settings but with a much better balance like a good FPS . But there is also relevance and familiarity with the likes of Star Wars , Star ship troopers and also Mass Effect. And if you play the game you’ll see what I mean.

Pretty much resemblance to every major sc-fi film and or game.

I think it’s a great game and the first of its kind.  The game has massive replay value and when it comes to doing the “grind” you don’t mind or even notice at all. The game is never-ending and there is always something for you to do!.



The story within this game can get a little confusing at first and I will be honest I never fully understood it, but I was way to busy blasting  and punching aliens to care.

When humans landed on mars they found the big sphere and it was called the traveler.  This sparked a golden age which meant humans could live longer and learned new technology quicker. And with help from the traveler and spread across the planets and moons. Then a mass of darkness came and started to wipe out everything that humans and the traveler had achieved. The darkness was looking to consume the light aka which is the (traveler) and after a battle all was lost but one earth city with the traveler broken. As the game begins you  learn of story through-out missions but your overall objective is to drive back the darkness.  You are accompanied by a little flying AI called Ghost and he helps you along the missions. You will no doubt question if he’s your trusty sidekick or if your his sidekick but with a gun ?.


Man has always longed after the great age-old question “Are we alone in the universe ?”.  We’ll Destiny’s answer is no were not! there’s a lot of things out there,  and non of which likes one another!. There are loads of enemies within this game with different groups and species’ within each group. And every planet or moon that you go to you’ll be sure to find them shooting each other up showing you that the universe is a very vast racist and imperialist place,  not to mention dangerous !.

As mentioned before there is massive replay value within this game. If you wish to just roam a world like you can in “patrol” then you can freely explore doing random missions in each location on that planet or just go out collecting loot and special materials which are needed for upgrading your characters Armour and guns. Also just do XP grinding by going out and killing everything , the enemies will spawn back after a certain time and sometimes get brought in by space ships ! which a nice touch.

The game has countless missions to do both story and generated. There is also other game modes called strike and raid which are more intense , hard and take lot of concentration and must be performed with a full fire team of 3 people.

The game has 3 classes to choose from . Warlock , Hunter and Titan and all have different ability’s and styles. The Titan which I played through the story with is strong , hardy and deals a lethal punch. He like the other classes has two special ability’s as well. Defender which is a shield like perk that you deploy and gain special attributes  and Strike where you do a big lethal “fists of havoc” which punch the ground and give off and aftershock. You can alter between the two if you have reached level 15.

The gameplay also consists of the “Halo jumping” which I call it but it’s actually a lot better than that. Its gives the ability to be able to reach high distances and jump out the way in the form of a jet-pack like gear. So after a while of getting used to using the jump and the shooting you will feel the good balance it brings as Destiny can be quiet a challenge and demanding game when it comes to bosses or even crowded groups of enemies . The AI’s can run a mock at times and their boss versions of them can be hard to handle but brings a good balance like I said before once you level up and start upgrading things you may be overpowered but they combat against that by sheer numbers and the trickery of the AI and enemy type creates a good mixture.

The characters stop at level 20 but the game play doesn’t. There is armor with “light” which can be upgraded to push your level past 20. This is achieved by doing harder missions and bounties. There is also small factions to choose from once at level 20. You begin the game as a vanguard and you level that up to earn the right to buy better weapons and armor or even a better ship or sparrow ( hover bike). At level 20 you can buy a special band from one of the other factions and that means that any missions or bounties you do will level that faction rating for you up. It’s mostly differences in styles for each faction.

The whole game is multiplayer but for PvP there is a set aside place for that called the crucible.  But like this  game and many other out there it takes a while to get used to and into but after a while it becomes fun and enjoyable.


Games look

The overall graphics for this game are great. Also the amount of detail in each and every planet are fantastic which shows real commitment that was putting into designing this game. For example when on the moon or on mars your pretty much have that thought inside your head of “this is what it would be like” I often found my self gazing from the moon to the earth which is a pretty amazing surreal thing . and you can also spot mars in the distance!.

The characters has a very simple but distinctive look , and also the new armor you find have nice slight changes in their look also to give a little distinction. The same goes for the weapons you find or buy they’ll have little changes to make each model/make unique.

But for me the best feature of this game is the nice clean simple look it gives out in its Menu , UI  and GUI . All  of which have good subtle colours and nicely layed out.


Little summary

I would highly recommend this game to anyone that’s on the fence as its one of the few worth the money! and will no doubt take the other platforms by storm once it reaches them as it’s a great co-op game.

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Call of Duty Ghosts (Xbox one/PS4)



The new franchise launch of Ghosts comes with more hype and expectations than the last few releases as this is amongst the Launch titles for the New Generation’s. And for DNA Game Reviews it hasn’t failed to impress. It’s always a must buy at Christmas and this one’s no different.

The Call of Duty’s story modes can be compared to the safety lighters that come with fireworks. We have all herd of it. We all know the jist of it.  And it’s put to the side with the box and the wrappings never to be seen again.  They know this and we know this that’s why there story/campaign mode struggles to last 4/5 hours which to be fair is the trend for AAA titles these days.

The Story in Ghosts has a new enemy which is known as the federation and they are the alliance of South American countries.  The change in “bad guys” is a welcome scene from it being Russians and the newly emerging / future predicting / tarot card readings that the Chinese will rise and take control of the world. I have no idea why they have picked the amigo’s to mess with but at least it’s different.

But this isn’t like the last few franchise releases where America is doomed and struggling and you’re just holding off waiting for the game changer. Instead Ghosts gives the setting that the federation has taken a good whack at America and controls the southern states but it’s a stalemate and each holds their own.

But for once you don’t feel that it’s all doom and gloom and in this story they give off a real feel of it being more personal than an all-out war. The personal aspect comes from the main settings within the game. You begin the game as 1 of two sons of an army lieutenant who tells the tale of the infamous ghosts who made a final stand against the great enemy. It’s not exactly a spoiler but as you can guess from the title you pretty much end up as a ghost with your brother. So the main story is fighting the Federation taking control and taking out facility’s to change the tide of the war and the side story is the infamous ghost are being hunted. I won’t go in to any other details but the game also has a dog called “Reilly”. You can’t get any more personal than saving your dog. “I nearly broke my controller saving this dog“. You can control Reilly with in mission’s which is a nice touch.

The game play within this game is great.  Ghosts has the nice free flowing movement as you would expect in this game along with the fluent feel as you run jump and gun.  They have adopted two features from Battlefield which is the ability to shoot round a corner/cover and have fixed there jumping over obstacles so it looks more effortless and more of a hop-over. You can jump in and play for any length of time. Also there are a few missions in space and underwater and I am really surprised they made them feel so different and great to play as well! And as for the controls it’s the same as before. The bench mark for FPS and after an hour you’re a pro.

The graphics within the franchise are always solid and have a good standard. This combined with the new gens makes the game more appealing than ever. From character faces to debris all the little touches are significant and stand out. As for the map layouts I still maintain that the Call of Duty maps are the best maps you will ever encounter wither its online or in a story mode. Just walk around and check out things. “Safety first”  … “Try not getting killed” and you will see what I mean. There maps have a great layout, style and are executed fantastically.  They seem like real places where something bad has happened than opposed to having the same model placed here there and everywhere.

The GUI’s and Menus are very easy to follow and look at. The big thing for me is not to have it complicated or too many shiny things while changing class and call of duty has always kept this simple.

Their New Features. One thing I will have a rumble about is there new online Squad member feature. You now level up squad members if you choose so and give them a specialized class for example spec ops. This gives them perks tailored to their suitability even if before you are the required level. All members are levelled up individually and guns / equipment are bought via coins. The good part is if you like to customise then there is a chance but you have to unlock all of the things like helmets, uniforms etc.  The bad part you have to pick you squad member you play as before finding a match which is a  pain if he’s a spec ops so is stealthy and you need an ass kicking assault dude. But this is my opinion it’s a good twist but I would like to switch member rather than backing out to do so. The other new feature is the new Extinction. Play against rolling and raving aliens wave after wave taking down there nests. This Gets pretty intense after a while and has its own levelling up system to tailor your “shoot it in the head” needs.  They have also made bot matches much better and against all kinds of map modes from hardcore domination to the new modes like blitz.

This game has major replay value and I recommend that you grab a copy , grab a controller , grab a head set and grab a beer and play . please check theses out , like and comment

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Battlefield 4 – Consoles (Xbox360,PS3)



Well there’s no beating around this bush … Or blowing it up in BF4’s case as this game has simply not impressed me at all.  (And I am the guy who is quite happy all day with hitting the goal posts at soccer never mind scoring!)

What did I expect ?

Like all new AAA titles the hype from the get go is frantic and constant. Bigger Bolder and Better , Making you desperate to spend your scrimperd penny’s on the new must have game. Multiplayer ! Maps!  Guns, Bangs and Boooms !

So with this in mind for a game I expected ..

Great gameplay.  Good solid story . Brilliant Graphics , Replay Value ,  Easy Controls.  Simple UI / Menu systems , Well thought maps ,  and the forgotten enjoyment.

Gameplay; For me personally I don’t like the gameplay, Especially online. I don’t think there is a good combination of movement and shooting. And before people go APE shit and say ” its supposed to be realistic” I feel its a bit rough playing it just doesn’t have the same free flowing effect that the Call of Duty Franchise have which is a shame. As for online I kind of hate the gameplay. There are certain times where you can feel absent from playing the game as it can be quite broad.  I also think that the mechanics for the weapons are wrong for example using a sniper rifle to the head and they pistol whip you..  dignity !

Story;  To start with – I like this new driven ideology of having story’s created by Game Devs and writers by making more countries have hatred for USA to be enemies with.  Is it a telling for the future ?. Its cool though our Cousins from across the water (USA) always kick ass! . So in a round about way am saying I am glad were moving away from , Nazis and Russians …. Poor Sergie ! . But The story just didn’t grip me and I never felt excited or sympathetic  towards any characters or actions made.

Graphics; First and forth most I will state that if you have a high end gaming laptop or PC or reading this after the next generating consoles PS4, Xbox one Then Simply ignore.  But as The title suggests I played this on the current consoles. During the Campaign I thought the graphics were quite good, The models well made , character rigging was well delivered , the games environment and world setting had nice visuals and look to them. But I felt the online let it down . Maybe this is due to server issues so I wont be to critical but the game ways a little glitchy but none of the funny kind or the kind that helps you .. they never help you !. Also I feel the shader that is used gives an off -colour which I don’ find realistic or nice to look. Some of the textures used within the game for certain items usually small insignificant items were badly sized and can see little pixel fragments but that’s not a big deal.

User interface & Menu systems; The Gameplay/user interface while playing the game is very simple and easy to follow , you know where everything is on display which is what wee all want ! . The part where I feel the game lets you down is when your playing the game and you which to change your class , gun or find out statistics. I find this a bit messy and not user friendly there’s to much on screen and I feel they could make it alot more simpler to use.  Also I think you should be able to do your customisation at the end of every match without  having to back out .

Easy Controls;  Straight to the point . The vehicle controls within this game are horrendous ! – I killed my self about 9 times with the helicopter before I fired a shot. So aye / yeah if you want to be good at driving your going to have to train yourself so I heavily suggest  using there feature of test range. As for player movement its what you expect its of a alrite quality with diving to cover or over cover but there is a loss of fluency I feel when then running and shooting .

Well thought maps;  Its a tough one to speak of because like most maps there are good parts and bad parts. The Campaign maps are good so there’s that . But the Online maps are Mostly good and have good parts but there are some areas which I think look abit rushed and things were just dropped down and left ( sack it that’ll do )

Replay Value and enjoyment;  Well firstly I have made my mind up , This is the 4th Battlefield I have played and not enjoyed the multilayer with any of them and I know its easy to see that with my tone but I really want to like this game but I am getting fed up of trying. That’s the thing with game you shouldn’t have to make yourself like it . Like art or a great movie you either like it or you don’t. for me there best game was the first bad company.  I get to frustrated at this game and annoyed to sit and enjoy it . like I tried to totally destroy a building but it wouldn’t let me – Major disappointment as I need the office space.

So in a small summery I as in me didn’t like this game its just my opinion but I wouldn’t  recommend this game.

The game has a better feel to it on High end PCs and gaming laptops so if you were to buy it I suggest doing so on these platforms or wait to se what its like on the next generation.

Or you can buy COD.

Thanks for reading it’s just my opinion on a rainy day in Scotland  not to be helped with me having to scrape the ice off my car in between breaks of reviewing this game. please check theses out , like and comment

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